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India-Bhutan Foundation

India-Bhutan Foundation was established in August 2003 during the visit of the present King (then Crown Prince) to India with the aim of enhancing people to people exchanges in focus areas like education, culture and environment protection. Ambassador of Bhutan and India are the Co-Chairpersons of the Foundation. The Royal Government of Bhutan and the Government of India have contributed Rs. 5 Crore each as main corpus fund to IBF and the entire amount of Rs.10 Crores has been kept in a fixed deposit in Bhutan. Interest earned from the fixed deposit is used for financing proposals received from Bhutanese/Indian citizens and Non Governmental Organisations on studies, research, and similar activities, exchanges of a cultural/educational/scientific nature, programmes and activities such as seminars, work shops on subjects of common mutual interest  that can help in achieving the objectives of the Foundation. For more information and downloading of forms please visit www.indiabhutanfoundation.org.

The 14th Board of Directors Meeting was held in Thimphu on 11th March, 2015. The various proposals approved by the Board are as follows:

1.   Mountain Echoes 2015 by SIYAHI

2.   India-Bhutan  Friendship Tennis Championship

3.   Outdoor Gym at Thimphu

4.   Participation at SAMBHAV 2015 by Disabled Persons Association of Bhutan

5.   Exhibition Cum Sale at Dastkar by Tharpa Tashi, Trongsa

6.   Empowerment:  Shades of Togetherness – India Bhutan Artist Camp

7.   Shuttle Time: Training on Badminton

8.   Music video for the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty, The 4th King by RAPA

9. Skilling and know How Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development (SKILLD)

10.  Production of an Audio-Visual Cassette by Ayang Music School.

      The 15th Meeting of the Board of Directors of India Bhutan Foundation is scheduled to take place in New Delhi in October, 2015.



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