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13 Bhutanese candidates to avail “Computer Hardware Maintenance & Servicing Course” under Vocational Training scheme

The first batch of Bhutanese candidates under the Ambassador’s Scholarship Scheme for 2016-17 has been selected for availing three months’ training course in “Computer Hardware Maintenance & Servicing Course” and will be leaving for India shortly. This course will be conducted at Sona College, Salem, Tamil Nadu. The Vocational training courses are being funded by the Government of India under the Ambassador’s Scholarship scheme. This scheme was initiated last year and more than thirty Bhutanese candidates have already availed training in three different courses.

Under the Ambassador’s scholarship for vocational training expenses, including tuition fees, travel cost, hostel accommodation and food charges, are fully covered. In addition, living expenses/stipend is also paid in cash. 

The objective of giving training to the Bhutanese youth under Ambassador Scholarship scheme is to improve skill development and make them competitive in the job market. 

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